Student Things

7 Ways to Survive a Lit Review – Helpful blog post by Andrea Zellner focused on organizing your literature review. (7 Ways to Survive)

Beall’s List – A list of suspect journals compiled by Jeffrey Beall at the University of Colorado Denver. There are lists for both open-access publishers and journals. (Beall’s List)

Design Better Research Posters – A blog about how to improve research posters & poster presentations. (Better Posters)

Harry Potter Ambient Background “Music” – Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to do your homework in the common rooms at Hogwarts? Have you wished you could work at the castle library to the sound of scratching quills? Well, wish no more with these ambient sound mixes (that you can tweak to your liking) on

Informed Opinions: Learning Hub – An online resource with trainings and resources on a variety of topics to help women present their ideas/opinions/expertise in the most effective way when interacting with the media. A useful resource for knowledge mobilization and dissemination, not only for communicating with the media but with other audiences as well. (Informed Opinions: Learning Hub)

Literature Review HQ – Fantastic website with many lit review resources, posts and insights. Invaluable for students and researchers. (Lit Review HQ)

PhinisheD – Online discussion board for students looking for social support while working away on their dissertations. Hang in there everyone! (PhinisheD)

Psychology’s Feminist Voices – History project documenting the work of feminist psychologists. The project started in 2004 and the site has been live since 2010. It has brief biographies, interviews, video clips and documents. If you’re taking a history class or trying to locate important scholars in a particular area, this project is a great resource. (Psychology’s Feminist Voices)

PsycINFO Journal Coverage List – Not sure about a particular publisher or journal? One way to check them out is to see if the journal (and publisher) is indexed by PsycINFO, a trusted database. (Check out the list)

Quality Study/Writing Music – For this, I have two absolute favourite sources. The first is the Study Music Project, which is a project created by Dennis Kuo and contains original compositions and playlists that are great for background music. The second, and this is more of a category than a specific thing, is video game soundtracks. The music is designed to stay in the background and is often very beautiful. I recommend doing a search on Youtube for video game soundtracks and having a looksee.