APA 2017 Convention: Weekend Update

Saturday started off with a Food For Thought breakfast with Dr. Deborah Tolman, professor of Women and Gender Studies at Hunter College and professor of critical social psycholog at CUNY. Super exciting! Dr. Tolman spoke about how she got started in her research (adolescent girls’ sexuality and desire) and things she learned during her career. She talked about the importance of understanding your audience and meeting them where they are – especially when your research deals with sensitive topics or non-traditional viewpoints. Check out her talk on the APAGS Facebook page.

Thankfully, I had some downtime in between APAGS sessions and had a chance to attend a session on women’s sexual agency. Annette Kluck (co-authors Kelly Hughes & Kseniya Zhuzha) spoke on the concept of sexual perfectionism (Snell & Rigdon, 2001) and its relationship to sexual assertiveness and sexual refusal in women. This was a new concept, and tied in well with the next talk which discussed effective methods of teaching emancipatory sex education. Interesting stuff.

The other weekend highlight was running into a former professor and current colleague and having an impromptu lunch at Shouk. For anyone in and around Washington DC, I would highly recommend Shouk. It’s a veggie restaurant, but even if you’re a meat-eater, you will love it (try the burger and polenta fries). You’re welcome.


Overall it was a great convention and another great year with the APAGS convention committee (above). See you next year in San Francisco!


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