Upcoming Event: APA 2017

My favourite time of the (academic) year – conference season!!! CPA and APS have flown by and APA will be here soon (August 3 – 6). For those of you heading to Washington DC, here are a few of the awesome things that the APAGS Convention Committee has planned.

  • Food for Thought Breakfasts – A chance to hear from established psychologists working in clinical, advocacy, and research positions in an intimate setting. Bonus: free food.
  • Alternative Careers with a Doctorate – This one is always a favourite of mine. If you’re interested in working somewhere other than in clinical practice or academia – this is worth checking out. Each year APAGS invites people with interesting “alternative” careers (e.g., UX research, policy work, jury consulting, research for the National Endowment for the Arts & the EPA, etc.) about how they found their jobs & things they’ve learned along the way!
  • Intro to the R Statistical System – It might not be the most interesting topic (for us non-statsy folks anyway), but it’ll sure come in handy. The farther I get into my research career, I find myself working on projects and research I’d never have anticipated and have found myself wishing I had a broader knowledge of statistical software packages. For this reason, I wanted to highlight this session for anyone in the same boat!
  • APAGS Social – Food. Fun. Frolicking.

Dec 2016 convention mtg 1

(Above) APAGS Convention Committee planning meeting for 2017 convention

The full APAGS schedule can be found here. And if you’re on the fence about attending, gradPSYCH has posts about why you should attend convention, what to do if it’s your first time, and how to get there.

See you there!


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