APA 2016 Convention: Weekend Update

Sorry for the long delay – it’s been quite a week post-Denver! Anyhoo, it’s time to get back into the swing of things, so here we go!

Friday was fantastic. The day started with a talk from Dr. Michelle Fine, critical psychologist extraordinaire (and one of my personal idols!). We had a pretty amazing “Hi Michelle, I’m Michelle.” “Hi Michelle, I’m Michelle.” moment. It was lovely. If anyone is interested in viewing the talk, we streamed it live and you can check it out on the APAGS Facebook page. There were some excellent posters at the APAGS late-breaking poster session, including an interesting model by Emma Fredrick, MA, and Dr. Stacey Williams on self-compassion and authenticity as mediating the impact of stigma for sexual minorities. This was the Late Breaking Poster Session winner! I’ve zoomed in on their model below:


Basically they found that both self-compassion and authenticity mediate the relationship between stigma and quality of life, suggesting these are both valid areas for intervention. It was also nice to see work evaluating bystander intervention programs targeting sexual assault on campus (Montana State U). The night ended with an APAGS dinner at the Denver Athletic Club where we sadly said goodbye to outgoing Convention Committee members Katy and Stephanie (among others). Sad to see them go but they’re off to do great things!

Saturday began with Dr. Mona Amer, an associate professor at the American University in Cairo and Past-Chair of Division 27 (International Committee of the Society of Community Research & Action). She talked about her research and policy work in the area of ethnic/racial disparities in behavioural health, and her experience developing as a professional. Some key things Dr. Amer encouraged students to do were develop strong support networks, watch what their mentors do that is successful but forge their own path (be conventional, but be radical), be generous with their time, and remember not to wear their masks all the time. Make a list of important things, the things that make you YOU, and keep it with you as a reminder since it’s so easy to get lost in the process.

Aside from one presentation I carved out time to attend – Examining Experiences of Microaggressions Toward Women in Higher Ed co-chaired by Chesleigh Keene and Julii M. Green (with talks by Chesleigh Keene, Melissa J. Wheeler, Kye Klamser, & Monique Turner) – the rest of Saturday was spent doing fun APAGS things. At night was the annual supervisor dinner, where my supervisor takes out all of her students. Her supervisor was also in attendance and it was a really nice night. We ate at the True Food Kitchen AND IT WAS AWESOME.

Sunday we held breakfast in the suite with the APAGS leadership and then I quickly presented with Division 35 in the last slot of the day (and saw Dr. Dusty, who is the absolute coolest!) before heading to the airport.


I think that’s all the words I have at the moment. Thanks Denver and APAGS for a great convention. See you next year!



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