Oh July, where did you go?

The other day on the radio, NPR did a short piece on back to school shopping and one line is still ringing in my ears “school starts in just a few weeks”. Ohmygosh where did the time go?! In the Spring I made a set of lofty (though I’m pretty certain they were actually reasonable) writing goals that I am now totally behind on. I’m sure this sounds familiar to at least some of you out there. After a fun July packed with some awesome theatre (Twelfth Night… A Puppet Epic, The Second City Guide to the Symphony, Romeo & Juliet Chainsaw Massacre, Mr. Burns: A Post-Electric Play, Hamlet in the Park & the James Plays) and some less-than-awesome furniture moving, I hope to get back on track this week. I’m also looking forward to the writing retreat organized by the University’s Office of Research & Innovation Services in August – should be a productive good time!

A few upcoming events that might be of interest are:

  • Ontario Universities Taking Action Against Sexual Violence Conference on August 10-11 at Queens University. It looks great and I would definitely be going if it wasn’t right after APA. Visit the website for more info
  • Canadian Conference on Promoting Healthy Relationships for Youth: Breaking down the silos in addressing mental health & violence. Hosted by PREVnet, Western’s Centre for Research & Education on Violence Against Women & Children, and the Western Centre for School Mental Health. The conference will be in London, ON on February 15-17, 2017 and registration opens in September. Sign up for an e-mail reminder and find out more here
  • And of course, all of the awesome events planned by APAGS at this year’s APA Convention in Denver. Some of our programs include networking for introverts, alternative career options with a PhD (where we bring in neat people with cool jobs to talk about their careers), a conversation hour with the APPIC chair, conducting research in a social justice framework, and so many more! We also have a great line up of speakers for our Food For Thought breakfast series (Dr. Anneliese Singh, Dr. Michelle Fine, Dr. Mona Amer, & Christine Jehu, our APAGS Chair). Check out the full list of APAGS events here

Switching gears, I’ve added a few new Favourite Things. In the Teaching section, I’ve added the Open Syllabus Project which is a site that has analyzed over a million higher-ed syllabi and provides data on things like what’s being taught most frequently. An interesting look into various fields and courses. And in the Research and Student sections, I’ve added a few sites that we mentioned in a recent Monitor on Psychology article about predatory publishers. These are Beall’s List, a list of suspect journals compiled by Jeffrey Beall at the University of Colorado Denver, and PsycINFO’s journal coverage list.


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