The Time, How it Flies…

Did anyone else check their agenda this morning and notice that it was November today? November!!! I don’t think I’m alone in saying that this semester flew into high gear at an incredible pace – the fact that it’s November right now continues to shock me! There must be magic involved somehow… However, if I had to hazard a non-magical guess I would probably say that it must be due to all the exciting new projects, groups and events happening around campus.

Today was the Grad Studies Showcase at the CAW Centre (below) where potential grad students could learn more about the programs at Windsor and pick our brains! It was great meeting everyone today and we hope to see you in the department.

Nov 2015 grad studies showcase

If you’re already a grad student and looking to get more involved, these groups might be up your alley:

  • Community Action Group – The University of Windsor Community Action Group is a group of graduate students (from any discipline) that connects with the local community in various ways by donating our time and skills as well as fundraising. If you’re a U Windsor grad student and would like to get involved (the time investment is minimal!), get in touch with us at
  • Feminist Research Group – Are you a grad student (or upper year undergrad) doing research from an anti-oppressive framework? If so, you may want to get involved with FRG – a group of like-minded individuals to bounce ideas off of, be social with, and (if you’re into it) plan our annual conference! It’s a great planning experience and a great group of people. Currently, we’re planning our annual meet ‘n’ greet for early next semester – details to come!

But what if you’ve already joined the CAG and the FRG and time still isn’t flying?!?! Well, to you I would say, stop avoiding your dissertation and get back to writing! Just kidding (but kind of not). There are many other groups on campus to get involved with but one experience I’ve found particularly rewarding is my increasing involvement with APA. First getting more involved at convention, then becoming a campus representative on the APAGS Advocacy Coordinating Team, and now as a member of the APAGS Convention Committee. If you have interest in developing leadership skills, student activism, connecting with new people, and learning more about the profession, I would highly recommend getting involved with one of the “big 3” (CPA, APA, APS) as well as specialized professional organizations depending on your interests and career goals.

WELL. I was originally intending to write a quick note about an amazing new link I’ve added to Student Things, but it seems that my fingers have a mind of their own today. Here’s the new link:

  • Harry Potter Ambient Background “Music” – Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to do your homework in the common rooms at Hogwarts? Have you wished you could work at the castle library to the sound of scratching quills? Well, wish no more with these ambient sound mixes (that you can tweak to your liking) on

Happy November everyone! Stay Warm!