Study Spots: Highly Caffeinated Version

For those of you who may be new to the Windsor area and/or just starting at the university, I’ve put together a few of my favourite off-campus study spots for your convenience. A handful of these are in Detroit but I would recommend making the trek over the border to try them. Detroit has lots to do and many great spots to eat and drink. I’m sad to say that fear of the unknown kept me on the Canadian side of the border all these years but I am glad I’ve finally started to explore – learn from my mistakes people!! Anyway, onto the list:

14 East Cafe (Detroit, MI) – Located just past the Detroit Institute of Arts (a MUST see!), this cafe is a nice quiet place to go. Aaaand, for those of you who are gluten free, they have locally-made pecan bars!

Anchor Coffee House (Windsor, ON) – Anchor is located off of Huron Church so its not walkable, but is worth the drive if you have transportation. Good coffee and service. They also have a vegan and gluten free snacks, including a fantastic vegan peanut butter cookie.

Astro Coffee (Detroit, MI) – This place is a bit on the small side but has good coffee and great snacks. If you ever see the vegan coconut bread – get it and devour it. Then repeat.

Cafe Cache (Windsor, ON) – This place is quite a hike from the U, but its small and quiet and makes a great place to study.

Great Lakes Coffee (Detroit, MI) – Although this is across the border in Detroit, its only a few minutes drive and is a really a great spot. Good coffee, good food and free wi-fi. Just be sure to stake out your spot early as local students keep the place fairly busy.

Green Bean Cafe (Windsor, ON) – Located right next to the university on Wyandotte in the basement of a church, the GBC is ideal for group meetings, catch up sessions, and a quick bite between classes. The only downside is that it gets fairly busy and loud so you may have an issue getting a seat. Great food.

Naders (Windsor, ON) – Naders is walkable from campus (corner of University & Campbell) which is a definite plus. Great coffee, cheap food (though I haven’t tried it), friendly owners, funky space and (I like this part) lots of fun syrups to add into your latte. My favourite combo is marshmellow and peanut butter syrups mixed into an almond milk latte. Yum.

Salute Espresso Bar (Windsor, ON) – Good coffee, big space. Not walkable, but its worth the trip to Olde Walkerville (which is nice to visit & explore). And as an added bonus, there’s vegan (and gluten free) eats right next door at Carrots n Dates.

Taloola Cafe (Windsor, ON) – Nearby the train station, Taloola is a cozy little place to eat and get some coffee. I LOVE the food here – enough variety that people with dietary restrictions can all find something to eat. It does get really busy though, especially around mealtimes and on weekends, so be mindful of that!

The Squirrel Cage (Windsor, ON) – In the heart of downtown Windsor, this place makes a great study spot but be sure to come after the brunch rush if you’re looking for some quiet time. The upside of this is that there’s always a variety of tasty food and drink to keep you going.