UWindsor Student Protest – Tuition Hike

Unfortunately, despite strong student opposition and demonstration inside (and out) of the Board of Governors meeting at the University of Windsor. A 2.95% tuition increase was approved.

As a graduate student at the University of Windsor, there is no funding package offered to all incoming students. Our tuition waiver was taken away and we are barred from working more than 10 hours a week. Students who are lucky enough to hold graduate assistantships make around $10 000 a year. As my esteemed colleague Mia Sisic put it, “we are forced to do award-winning research on laptops that barely work”. For a summary of the meeting and student concerns, visit the Windsor Star here. Lack of funding impacts every student I know and makes education increasingly unachievable for many people. I would encourage each and every student to find out whats happening on your campus and make your voice heard. Visit the Canadian Federation of Students here for an overview of the issues and what you can do about it.