March Madness: Academic Style

Welcome to the final stretch – last classes, last assignments to grade, final exams! Yipee!!! Things have been real busy here in Windsor so I’ll just provide the highlights.

On Friday March 27th, social science grad students from the Universities of Windsor and Western got together (virtually) to talk about how Canadian researchers can leverage emerging technologies as part of SSHRC’s Imagining Canada’s Future program. As usual, the Windsor psychology department had a strong showing, and a mix of clinical and applied social students (including myself) were present. We also had students from nursing, education, anthropology and history so many diverse viewpoints were presented. If anyone is interested in a more detailed (and graphically interesting) summary of the day, visit Kim Martin’s storify here.

Later that very same, very busy day an alumna of the Windsor Applied Social Psychology program, Dr. Helen Ofosu, gave a talk. It was wonderful (and motivating) to meet someone who has not only escaped(!) but gone on to have a successful and interesting career. For me, the most interesting bits were seeing how our degree could be applied in many settings and being introduced to the concept of reverse-engineering your career. After transitioning out of some cool positions in the government, Helen now operates an HR consulting and career coaching business (visit her here if you’re interested).

Saturday March 28th. For those of you on the Windsor campus, this date may sound familiar – it was the University of Windsor Feminist Research Group’s 2015 Conference. After months of hard work by the conference planning committee, we hosted a successful event. The room was full all day, the speakers were great, and the poster session/social at the local Green Bean Cafe was a big hit! (Though it’s hard not to be at least semi-successful with wine, music, great appetizers and great research). I’ve included a picture below of the FRG planning committee, minus the lovely Abby, and of my presentation on media panic and themes in (consensual & non-consensual) sexting discourse (photo taken by Ashlyne O’Neil, grad student and photographer extraordinaire).

FRG 2015 1 12487161_1010219749035859_964539325092784116_o

Now for the miscellaneous news:

  • I was introduced to the SPARK Movement, which is a movement by girls, for girls, and helps young women engage in feminist activism. The site is a hub of inspiration for educators, researchers and activists. I would encourage everyone to visit the site (here) to access educational resources, a research blog (included in ‘Research Things’), and some pretty cool examples of youth activism. One project that is particularly cool is the Women on the Map app (hosted on the Google Field Trip app) which highlights the lives and achievements of women all over the world. How it works: you’re going somewhere new (for example, to a conference), you look up your location in the app, and boom! you learn about events and women in your vicinity – you may even discover new landmarks or museums to visit! Pretty cool stuff.
  • I joined Research Gate, a social networking site for researchers. Although I do also have an account on, I’ve decided to focus my energies on RG.
  • For those struggling to get through your dissertation and looking for the strength to get out of the house and out of your pyjamas (or alternatively, looking for support in your decision to not leave the house and not put on real clothes), look no further. PhinisheD is an online discussion board/group of students just like you! (click here for much needed social support)

Well. On the one hand that seems like a lot, but on the other I just feel like I’m forgetting about new and exciting things that are happening. Either way, that’s all for now and I’ll be sure to write again if and when I remember. Good luck with the end of the semester everyone!