Partial Least Squares: Online Workshop

For those of you anticipating using partial least squares in your research (or just for your own knowledge), this just came across my inbox:

“8-session live online course taught by PLS experts beginning Jan 2015. $100 USD for anyone before Dec 1, 2014. The changes and new features published in the “A” literature over the past 2 years concerning variance-based PLS path modeling has been unprecedented. Existing PLS software tools barely keep up. Learn the concepts and get new software that implements all of the very newest features. Registration includes 2 new, unique, and separate PLS software suites for a year and receive the in-depth live, online training on both to use them.

We offer all seats to anyone for $100 USD until December 1 or until the seats are full. All live sessions are recorded and provided to each registrant (and all materials and software access) regardless of whether you are able to attend live or not.


Geoff Hubona”